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Ashton Heights

Ashton Heights is:

Charmed, I’m sure

Cozy, cute, charming, and easy access have been used to describe Ashton Heights which is nestled between two metro stations (Ballston and Clarendon) in Arlington. We would beg to differ that this would be nestled between three metro stations (people always forget about Virginia Square). We would also beg to add sophisticated and mature to the descriptors of this well established neighborhood which was developed in 1919! A well rounded mix of cape cods, revival tudors and four-squares make the blend of Ashton Heights one of the most sought after and charming neighborhoods in Arlington. Right next to Lyon Park! Lucky for Ashton Heights residents, the razing phenomena hasn’t truly met the neighborhood yet; generally deep remodels and tasteful expansions and updates to the interiors are carefully restored by loving residents. Can we say charming again? Also, easy access to Rt. 50, Ft. Myer, The Pentagon and The District make this neighborhood on our shortlist.